Frequently Asked Questions

Koru Center - work spaceHow long has your practice been in business?

I have been in practice since 1994.

How do I make an appointment?

You may call me directly to make an appointment at 516 623-3023. If I miss your call, I will get back to you within twenty-four hours, except on weekends, when it will be the next business day.

During your intake phone call, I will take your information and a brief description of the issues you are confronting, and answer any questions you may have.

What are your hours?

I have weekday, morning, afternoon, or evening hours, by appointment only.

How long is a session?

A session is 60 minutes.

How Frequently Are Sessions Scheduled?

Clients have weekly standing appointments.

What is your cancellation policy?

I ask clients to be responsible for the time they reserve and give at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation. If an appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, a late cancellation fee will be applied.

What is your fee structure?

Sculpture of Native CoupleI am a provider for several insurance companies listed below. If you are not part of one of these plans, and your policy allows you to see out-of-network providers, a bill will be provided that you can submit for out-of-network reimbursement. This can also be applied to your deductible. You would need to call your insurance company to verify out of network coverage before your first visit.


My fee-for-service is competitive, to make psychotherapy available to those who need it. I work with my clients to make sure they can afford their treatment.

How do you accept payment?

I have a fee-for-service policy, which means that you pay your co-pay or full fee at the time of service. I accept payment in the form of cash, check, debit, or credit card.

Can you help me if I want individual psychotherapy?

Yes, I work with individuals who are seeking to work on their own issues.

Do I have to come in with my partner, or can I work on my relationship issues on my own?

Yes you can work on relationship issues alone. However, this would be dependent upon your situation, needs, goals, and where you are in your process. If you want to work together to heal the relationship, it would most likely be recommended that you come in together to get started. The decision for where to go from there would be determined during your first few sessions.

If we are coming in for couple’s therapy, do you ever see us individually?

Yes. I find it very useful and beneficial to meet for individual sessions with both of you, in the context of the couple’s therapy. Individual sessions can give clarity and momentum to the resolution of conflict in the relationship.

Are doing homework assignments part of the process?

Yes. Homework assignments keep you focused and invested in the healing process in between sessions. Couples frequently find them useful, and your feedback is an effective tool to work with, while in session. It works well for individuals as well.

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