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Judy Greenberger

My career spans over forty years, in which I have integrated varied methods and approaches to psychotherapy that work synergistically with one another. A caregiver by nature, I wanted to become a nurse from an early age. Drawn to psychiatric nursing upon the completion of my Bachelor of Science Degree, I worked at Hillside Hospital, in Glen Oaks, New York, and then received a Master of Science degree in Nursing Education, specializing in psychiatric-mental health nursing. This prepared me to teach in academia, and for the private practice I have today. I am a Senior Adjunct Clinical Professor at the Adelphi University College of Nursing and Public Health, for the past ten years.

Always drawn to obstetrics, issues of the childbearing year and early parenting, my professional journey continued to unfold and I became a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and earned the title of Fellow of the American Academy of Childbirth Educators. This was the beginning of my integration of mind-body principles, which the Lamaze Method truly represented. In my very successful practice of over thirty years, I taught childbirth classes, and facilitated groups for new mothers, and parents, during the post partum period, to support them in getting off to a good start, and bonding with their babies. My educational background gave me a unique understanding of the biological and psychological needs and challenges of this period of the life cycle, which I continue to use in private practice today.  Treating clients with Post Partum Depression and Infertility are specialties in my practice.

As I evolved, and my interests grew I earned a second Master’s degree, an Advanced Certificate in Marriage and Family Counseling, which was holistic in nature, and focused on the marital and family system, and the interrelatedness of the parts to the whole. Looking at systems, whether the family, couple or individual, became a cornerstone of my practice. Family history, and how it impacts whom we become, became strategic to my approach to healing and wellness.

Judy Greenberger

With an awakened passion to understand more about the art of healing, holism, and stress management, I completed a certification program, and became board certified in holistic nursing. I soon began integrating the healing arts into my practice. I hold certification in Holistic Stress Management since 2011.

A period of integration followed, and then so impressed was I, by the efficacy of EMDR in my own healing, I wanted to be able to offer it to my clients. I soon completed the training and certification process, and became an EMDR Certified Clinician in 2005-the present. Focused on treating trauma, both large and small, the integration of EMDR became an indispensable part of my approach to assessing and treating individuals and couples in my practice.

The integration of all these modalities, coupled with my experience and educational background as a nurse and licensed marriage and family therapist, has made my practice what it is today. It is eclectic and cutting edge, and I am consistently integrating new approaches to empower my clients in their own healing, so they can have new beginnings and a better quality of life.


  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Adelphi University, Garden City, New York
  • Master of Science in Nursing (Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing), Hunter College, New York, New York
  • Advanced Certificate in Marriage and Family Counseling, Queens College, Flushing, New York



  • Registered Professional Nurse, New York State, (RN)
  • Marriage and Family Therapy, New York State, (LMFT)

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